4 Important Safety Considerations that Separate Trusted Excavation Contractors from the Rest

Excavation projects can be complicated, and the foremost concern is always safety. Our team at Mikula Contracting works every day to protect workers and follow guidelines set by the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA). 

If you are contemplating DIY excavation, think about all the training required to ensure safety during such projects. Our team is OSHA-30 certified. We have completed the 40-Hour Hazwoper training. We have Tank Closure certification. We have toolbox talks weekly where we discuss possible hazards and what we can do to prevent them. 

We are fully dedicated to learning and implementing essential safety practices– and it shows. In 2021 and 2022, we received the New Jersey Land Improvement Contractors of America Safety Award. Each time, we have been honored to represent a reputable name in the business that values safety above all else. Setting the industry standard for safety is paramount, and Mikula Contracting is happy to lead the cause. 

Excavation comes with many certifications in order to ensure the safest site possible. In this article, we want to focus on four important excavation safety certifications that you should look for in every excavation contractor. 

1. OSHA 30

OSHA 30 is an excavation safety certification focusing on safety guidelines specific to the construction industry. When the training is complete, many construction workers carry an official Department of Labor card, known as the OSHA 30 card. Some states even mandate that construction workers have a card showing their excavation safety certification. 

The OSHA 30 course topics include the following: 

  • Fall Hazards: When working on excavation and trenching, you always risk falling in a deep trench that could seriously cause serious injury. Health Administration OSHA 30 details safety measures to protect against falling down holes, off roofs, or other common construction scenarios. 
  • Struck-By Hazards: Working with heavy objects during construction, you risk being hit by falling or moving objects. The excavation safety certification will always ensure you know what to look out for. 
  • Caught In-Between Hazards: A good percentage of construction accidents come from getting crushed or stuck between two heavy objects. What can you do to avoid such mishaps? Attending 30 hours of training for an excavation safety certification will teach you how to prevent major injuries from these kinds of hazards. 
  • Electrocution Hazards: OSHA 30 will guide you through the process of de-powering nearby electrical sources before starting construction. 

With this certification, our employees are well-equipped to identify potential hazards and act as competent persons to ensure safety on the job site. You always want workers on your project with excavation safety certification like our team at Mikula Contracting. 

2. 40-Hour Hazwoper

Hazwoper” stands for Hazardous Waste Operations and Emergency Response, and OSHA provides this training program. As excavation contractors, we understand that hazardous materials may be encountered on job sites. This safety training equips our employees with the knowledge and skills to handle hazardous materials safely.

When this protective system is in place, the team can safely navigate the excavation of toxic soil from a property. Or if a chemical spill occurs, our team has excavation safety certification that allows us to enter the site and safely clean up the spill unscathed. 

With the 40-Hour Hazwoper certification, we prioritize the well-being of our workers and ensure that potential hazards are avoided.

3. Tank Removal

When it comes to oil tank removal most towns require a permit to remove the tank. This is where your oil tank removal contractor such as Mikula Contracting comes into the picture. Our team will get any required permits for your tank removal so you don’t have to worry about it. From there, we remove your tank which entails a few different steps. First, we uncover the tank.  We then have a company come to pump out the tank and scrub it clean.  We then remove the tank from the ground completely.  We are on-site for the scheduled inspection.  If you pass inspection we will complete the project by backfilling the area.  If you do not pass inspection it is typically because there was some soil contamination found from a leak in the tank.  If that is the case you’ll need some soil testing done and possible remediation work, which is something Mikula Contracting can help with.

4. Experienced Excavation Equipment Operation

Powerful equipment is used for excavation projects, whether wrecking balls, excavators, or other heavy machinery. Therefore, each employee on the construction team should only be able to work once they have completed the necessary training courses to operate the heavy machinery. 

Obtaining an excavation safety certification is crucial when operating a diverse range of excavation equipment. Whether you’re involved in leveling substantial building structures, clearing the soil by moving large rocks or excavating through layers of limestone, it’s essential to prioritize safety. The equipment used in such tasks should be approached with seriousness.

Work with Mikula Contracting to Ensure Safety During Your Next Project

At Mikula Contracting, we prioritize safety at every stage of the construction process. In addition to our certifications, we conduct weekly toolbox talks, which allow our team to discuss safety-related topics, address concerns, and reinforce best practices. Consistent communication and continuous education are vital for maintaining a safe work environment.

As highlighted before, our dedication to safety has been recognized by the New Jersey Land Improvement Contractors of America Safety Award. We are proud to be two-time recipients of this esteemed award. When we put safety first by prioritizing excavation safety certification, our safety record shines. 

When you choose Mikula Contracting for your excavation needs, you can be confident that safety is our top priority. We continuously invest in the well-being and training of our team, ensuring that they are well-prepared to handle any safety challenges that may arise.

Work with Mikula Contracting to ensure safety during your next project. Contact us today to discuss your excavation requirements. 

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