Excavating Your Basement: What You Need to Know

If you are looking into a home improvement project that will add square footage to your existing house, you may consider digging out a basement. How long to excavate a basement and other questions may come up in your mind before deciding on this option. Let’s explore it together. 

Benefits of Excavating Your Basement

A basement excavation is a significant undertaking but can be worth the additional costs to dig a basement when you consider all of the extra living space you’ll provide to your home. It doesn’t matter how long to excavate a basement when you can sometimes double your square footage by adding a basement. 

Here are some benefits to adding a basement to your existing home: 

  • Don’t Have to Move: When no options are available for building out or building up, you can still stay in your home with your schools, neighborhood friends, and a convenient location when you find out how long to excavate a basement. 
  • Add on Bedrooms, a Bathroom, and Gathering Room: The amount of space that can be added to your home is invaluable in a basement remodel project. Imagine having an extra bathroom, a couple of bedrooms, and an additional family room added to the house. The possibilities are endless on what you can do with those rooms! 
  • More Storage: When you build out a basement, you can add a storage room for all the miscellaneous things in your home: camping supplies, food storage, luggage, and Christmas decorations. 
  • Cooler Space in the Summer: Basements are great for the summer months as they stay cooler than the rest of the house. On those hot summer days, when all you want to do is escape the beating sun and 100-degree temperatures, escape to your cool and dark basement to take the break you need. 
  • In-Law Suite: When you research how long to excavate a basement, do not forget to consider adding an exterior entrance to your basement. You can create an in-law suite in the basement with a bathroom and small kitchen if you’d like. Then, when you have a place for guests to stay long-term, it can offer all of you the conveniences and space you need. 
  • Home Office: While many people are working from home, an office tucked away from the chaos and noise is essential. A home office in the basement can be just what you need to take calls and concentrate from a quiet spot in the home. 
  • Game Room or Theater Room: Bring the entertainment to you by creating a theater or game room in your basement. The teenagers will gather in your home where you can get to know your kids’ friends and make sure they are safe. 
  • Increased Home Value: Consider the basement cost and keep in mind your increased resale value when looking into how long to excavate a basement. This cost-effective investment will give you a return as you expand the area in your home. Also, think about all of the new bedrooms, bathroom, and family room you can add to your home’s listing when it’s time to sell. 

Make no mistake – a basement excavation is a massive home improvement project that can take several weeks to complete. But when you get it done right with all of the finishes and details completed by an expert team, you will find the undertaking to be well worth it. 

How Much Does Basement Excavation Cost?

While you are looking into how long to excavate a basement and the excavation costs, consider all of the factors. The average cost will depend on several elements of the project, including: 

  • How many cubic yards of dirt needs to be removed? The cost to dig a basement depends on how much dirt needs to be dug out and hauled away. The process is meticulous, ensuring that no damage is done to your existing home. 
  • Is there an existing crawl space? If you already have a crawl space, then building out a basement is a great possibility. 
  • What material needs to be dug out? In some geographic locations, you don’t only have dirt below your house. Large sheets of rock can be below your home, making excavation projects more lengthy and complex. 
  • How many square feet will be basement be? The cost of basement excavation depends on the square footage of the area to be cleared. The average cost of excavating a basement is $47 per square foot. 
  • How deep do you want the basement to be? Most people like their basement to be 8 feet deep, with about 30 inches of that being above ground to allow for windows. Of course, you can dig even deeper, but that will increase the cost. 
  • Are basements standard in your geographic area? In some areas of the country, basements are not offered. If you live in an area that has rock underneath the soil surface, the stone can shift and damage the basements. Also, adding a basement will not add to your home’s value if a liability comes with it. 

Calculating the cost of excavating a basement is a lengthy process. Meet with Mikula Contracting to find out the cost estimation for your basement excavation. If you can’t build out or up, then basement excavation is your next best option. Find out how much a project like this will set you back by contacting a trusted contractor. 

How Long Does it Take To Excavate a Basement?

So how long to excavate a basement? If you are looking to add a full basement underneath your house, you can expect at least several weeks of construction. 

  1. The team digs out cubic yards of dirt. Calculate this by multiplying the square footage of the basement space by the depth. For example, if you choose to dig down 8 feet and want to build a 1,000 square foot basement, you will have to work on removing 8,000 cubic feet of dirt. 
  2. The home’s foundation is reinforced, and the basement is poured to create the blueprint for the project. 
  3. Finishing touches are put in place, including framework, insulation, drywall, flooring, electrical, plumbing, appliances, and furniture. 

When the project is done, you can enjoy the vast amount of extended square footage you have right in your very home. You won’t know what to do with all of the extra space when you choose to add a basement to your home. Be creative, make a space that is yours for relaxing and entertaining, and enjoy your new home. 

Basement Excavation Contractors in NJ

You will find working with expert contractors like our team at Mikula Contracting is essential when looking into how long to excavate a basement. Ensure that your home’s foundation is in safe hands when you choose our contractors for your basement excavation. We will present the timeline from the beginning, keeping you from entering a never-ending construction contract. 

A basement excavation is an enormous project and is best for experienced excavation contractors. We at Mikula Contracting have been in business for over 70 years and take pride in building our reputation in our family-owned business. When you work with our team, you will know that the job gets done correctly and efficiently. So contact us today to get started. 


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