Cost to Demolish a Commercial Building

The longer you wait to demolish a commercial building, the longer you are losing money on the property. If you have a commercial property that is ready to be demolished, it’s time to find a trusted contractor and get the job done. 

Your first question is, how much does it cost to demolish a commercial building? Of course, you want to look into the cost and get the best deal. Keep reading to find out the cost breakdown for commercial demolition. 

Commercial Demolition Cost Factors

You will find that how much does it cost to demolish a commercial building depends on many factors, including the location of the building, the building condition, the building size, cost of demolition permits, and more. Costs associated with demolition also take into account safety and required insurance to get the job done correctly. 

Let’s break down each aspect and how the building demolition costs can differ depending on each factor. 

Geographic Location 

New Jersey is located on the northeast side of the country, near New York City. Because it is a bustling city near one of the biggest cities in America, it has a higher cost of living. Therefore, materials and labor cost more than other areas of the country. 

You must take into account your geographic location. Living in such a central area like New Jersey has many perks, including proximity to businesses and jobs, not to mention the beauty of the changing seasons. While you may be paying more in costs associated with demolition in NJ, you also have a better chance of making more money in your commercial business. 

So how much does it cost to demolish a commercial building in New Jersey? Take these other factors into account. 

Ease of Access

The cost of demolition depends on how easy it is to get to your building. For example, if you would like a high-rise building demolished that has no space to fall, there will be logistical costs. Costs vary based on the accessibility of the building. 

Can large excavators reach the property? Is there room for a wrecking ball? Is it safe to use implosions for the building? All of these questions need to be answered before starting the project. And the more complex the project gets, the more expensive it will be. 

Building Condition

The first step in the demolition process is to determine the building condition. For example, are there hazardous materials inside that need to be removed? Does the building need to undergo asbestos removal and be approved by the environmental protection agency? 

Asbestos removal can cost as much as $2-3 per square foot for a commercial building. If you were to demolish a building that had asbestos without properly handling remediation, you would be seriously punished. Not one reputable demolition company would ever sign onto the project without proper asbestos removal first. This step is essential to the project, no matter what the cost. 

Along with checking for harmful materials inside the building, the condition is assessed, and the doors are blocked off. This ensures that no one enters a dangerous structure that is about to be demolished. 

Building Size

The project cost depends largely on the square footage of the building. You can estimate how many square feet your building is by measuring the length and multiplying it by the width of the building. If the building is not rectangular, split it into smaller shapes and add them together to determine the cost per square foot. 

A bigger building will cost more than a smaller building. For example, a building that has several floors will also cost more than a 2-story building. Speak with a demolition contractor to get the correct estimate for your commercial building. 

How much does it cost to demolish a commercial building? This depends on the size of the building. 

Demolition Disposal 

Along with all of the demolition costs also comes the removal of all the junk and debris left behind. Many materials can be reused and recycled for later projects. And the rest is hauled off to the dump or hazardous waste drop-offs. The disposal process can be a lengthy aspect in determining how much does it cost to demolish a commercial building? 

Average Commercial Demolition Cost

When seeking to demolish a commercial building, the price could range anywhere from $4-8 per square foot. The national average for commercial demolition service is $24,000. Obtaining the permit alone can be up to $10,000 in some areas of the country and depending on the extent of the project. At the same time, some permits can be $200. 

Talk with your contractor to discover if the permit cost is included in the estimate. Most contractors bake in the permit fees into the final estimate. 

Now that you have a good idea of how to calculate how much does it cost to demolish a commercial building, it’s time to find a contractor. Look for people you can trust with years in the business. Ask about their history with commercial demolition. 

Your contractor should easily answer every question you ask with confidence. However, it is time to look elsewhere if you have a contractor who doesn’t have safety guidelines spelled out or the proper insurances. 

Research your contractor, ask around to other businesses, and find reviews online. There are many ways to know who you can trust in the contracting industry. Don’t hesitate to ask about job sites and their safety history. 

Commercial Demolition Contractor in NJ

Our team at Mikula Contracting is equipped to take on your commercial demolition project. How much does it cost to demolish a commercial building? You can find out by scheduling an appointment for a free estimate. 

When you hire Mikula for your commercial demolition project, you can find solace in knowing that the project is in good hands. Mikula Contracting has a history in the business and is invested in making New Jersey a better place. We have been voted family business of the year and try to live up to that reputation built over 70 years now. 


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