A Guide to Excavation Cost For A New Home

A Guide to Excavation Cost For New A Home

You have recently bought a new piece of property and are ready to get building your dream home. The excavation cost for a new home is one of the first things to consider when planning the project, because, it is important to remember that every step of the project needs to be done properly, and that starts with the ground.

Excavation is vital for laying the brand new house’s foundation, and it is an important step in installing all of the underground piping. It also ensures that the land is safe to work upon. 

Excavation involves removing all existing vegetation, rocks, and debris from the land to create a level building site. The excavation may also include preparing for gardening or landscaping, improving the view, or increasing fire safety. The land is cleared and leveled or regraded. The cost of the land clearing depends on the size of the lot, the necessary machinery, the amount and density of vegetation, and the labor required. 

One of the first steps when building a new home is surveying the land. Look at the full property, identify which trees and greenery will stay. You may not want to clear the land entirely. Mature trees provide much-needed shade for the yard and keep utility costs down inside the home. 

Another thing you want to consider as you are planning your excavation is the layout of your driveway in relation to your new home. You may also want to take into consideration additional structures such as driveways, sheds, or playsets. 

If you want to build a pool, that will also require additional excavation. Whether below ground or above ground, pool planning has a lot of excavation considerations. You may even want to think about grading to allow for changing depth in the pool. 

Once you have made those decisions, measure out the piece of land that will need new construction excavation. 

Excavation costs for a new home can vary based on the type of land you are excavating. The primary factor is just how much dirt needs to be moved. Typically, heavy machinery for removing large quantities of soil is required. Oftentimes the dirt can be used in other areas on the property. 

Unexpected water under the soil level, excessive clay, or rocky formations that hinder digging and removal could all increase project costs. 

Another factor to consider for new home excavation is whether or not you want a basement. Basement excavation involves digging out a foundation for a house with enough room for a basement versus just a standard foundation. This is useful if you want to use the extra space for another level or at least another room in your home. 

DIY vs. Hiring a Professional 

Many people think they can handle excavation projects themselves. Equipment for digging is usually available for rental. Excavation can seem exciting. Getting to operate heavy machinery can be appealing, but the excavation process is actually quite intricate and detailed. 

When you are making big changes to your land, you must apply for the proper permits to ensure that the excavation process will be done safely. Often the permit process can be difficult to navigate. 

There are different types of equipment that are needed for different aspects of the job, such as:

  • A backhoe
  • A skid steer
  • A laser level
  • An excavator

Most large pieces of equipment take time to figure out how to use. It takes even longer to learn how to use them correctly and efficiently. Some really large pieces of equipment may require special credentials or training to use. In this case, it may be best to bring in a professional. 

Another factor to keep in mind when debating whether or not to do a project yourself is not just the cost of the project, but the cost of your own time. How much is your time worth? Are there more valuable ways you can use your time in comparison to hiring a professional? 

It may seem more expensive to hire someone initially. However, they will probably get the job done much faster than you would by doing it yourself. Additionally, it is often cheaper to have someone do the job right the first time. You could end up making mistakes that are very costly to repair.

Is it Wise to Do it Yourself? 

You might feel like you can handle your property’s excavation project yourself, but with so much room for error, it is strongly advised to hire professionals who can ensure quality service, safety, and certified experience. 

People who choose to forego the excavation process or do not do it properly often suffer the consequences later. These consequences can include the foundation sinking and your home shifting with different ground conditions. To avoid these disastrous possibilities, ensure you have the land properly and professionally excavated. 

Professionals who are certified to operate heavy machinery and are trained in excavation work often have safety certifications that are not available to members of the public. They also have training and experience in identifying potential issues before they become problematic and expensive. 

One example is that someone who has a lot of experience working with different types of soil can identify inconsistencies and issues that could indicate contamination. Soil that is contaminated with toxins can have major implications for your health, especially if you are building your forever home. 

Soil contamination occurs when toxins get mixed with the natural compounds of the soil. These toxins can come from chemicals or other organic compounds. They could also be a naturally occurring toxin due to certain types of heavy metals in the ground. Contamination can come from many places including: 

  • Improper waste disposal
  • Failure of a septic system
  • Livestock manure runoff
  • Farming chemicals
  • Nearby industrial waste or emissions
  • Failing underground oil tanks

If you have soil contamination, you will want to have a professional on-site who knows about the different strategies for soil remediation. 

Work with Excavation Professionals

There are plenty of projects that are great to do yourself, however, excavation is one that is best left to the professionals. Contact us at Mikula to learn about our residential excavation services.

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