Cost to Demolish a Garage

If you are looking to demolish an old garage taking up space in your backyard, there are a few things to consider first. The job will take more than a wrecking ball and sledgehammers banging into the structure. You will need to take down the building safely and then do the necessary work of removing all the debris.

A garage demolition cost is more complex than you might imagine. Consider the step-by-step process with its corresponding costs to get educated. And then let professionals take care of the project. 

Factors Affecting Garage Demolition Costs

A garage demolition is a hefty project that is best done by professionals in the construction business. When you hire experienced contractors with the correct procedures and safety equipment, you can trust that the job will be successful. But what is the ball-park demolition cost? 

As with any home improvement idea, the cost varies from project to project. It depends on the size, the location, the material, the concrete slab, the permits, and the dumping fees. You will find that you can estimate a garage demolition cost, but be prepared for fluctuations specific to your garage. 

Attached or Detached

The cost to demolish an attached garage is more than a detached unit. First, the team has to take weight-bearing beams into consideration that may be holding up parts of the house. And then they need to take extra care not to damage any parts of the home as the garage crumbles to the ground. 

A detached garage is a simpler job and leads to a lower garage demolition cost. When the garage is free-standing, the demolition can get underway without worrying about damage to nearby structures. 


The average garage demolition cost in the United States is $4-$8 per square foot. While the square footage is a significant consideration in the overall price, there is still more to consider. If you have an oversized garage that you would like to make smaller, you can look into a partial demolition. 

This decreased size will cost less to demolish. But then you’ll need to consider the reconstruction of the outside of the remaining garage. 

Overall, the more stalls you have in your garage, the higher the garage demolition cost. Ponder on a new purpose for the garage over demolition if the structure is in good condition. 


When looking into the garage demolition cost, brick garages will be the most expensive based on the weight of the material alone. Garages made out of wood will be on the lower end of the demolition cost. Any materials that can be salvaged for reuse will work in your favor, like cement, cinder blocks, or lumber. 

The garage demolition cost will increase if there are hazardous materials involved. For example, you may find lead paint or materials like asbestos inside the garage.  In this case, demolition contractors will have to work to remove the hazardous substances safely. This takes time and adds risk to the project. And that adds up in the final cost. 


If the garage sits on a concrete slab, then the garage demolition cost will increase by $700-$1500. A strong foundation will need to be demolished unless you decide to repurpose the slab for a basketball court or patio. This option will save you money if it is something you really want. Don’t settle on keeping the concrete slab and regret it later. 

If you would like to use the space for a grass lawn or a pool, you can expect to pay for the removal of the foundation when demolishing a garage. Plan out your priorities before meeting with a contractor so that you don’t change your design based on price alone.


The garage demolition cost will include the cost and timeline for obtaining proper permits for the project. Therefore, every demolition contractor should have well-practiced procedures for obtaining permits. 

Permits are a common reason that construction projects are delayed. Talk about the demolition permits in the initial meeting with your contractor so that you can get a clear view of how long it will be before the project can be started. 

In Conclusion

When you look at the average cost of a garage demolition, you will find that it varies from state to state and depends on several factors. The critical part is getting enough education to meet with a contractor ready to ask the right questions and see how prepared they are for answering the questions. 

When you show that you have done your research, a trusted contractor will talk through your concerns and display their expertise. Some red flags to watch out for are a reluctance to obtain the permits, a lack of safety guidelines or gear, and a resistance to provide examples of past projects. 

You should have all your worries put to rest during your first meeting with the contractor. The garage demolition cost is worth it when you find the right contractors for the job. 

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We work with attached and detached garage units, hazardous material cleanup, and junk removal and recycling at the end of the project. If you have questions about a garage demolition cost, contact our team to learn more about your specific project. Then, we can come out to the site, conduct measurements, and give you an estimate. Contact Mikula Contracting today for your quote.