Excavation in Wayne, New Jersey

When you are getting underway with a construction project, the quality of the site is the most crucial detail in ensuring the overall outcome of this project. Hiring a knowledgeable, experienced team for commercial excavation in Wayne is an important step so you are ready to move forward with future construction. 

At Mikula Contracting, we lay the groundwork to ensure you have the support the foundation needs. Our services, combined with support from the foundation and construction team, gives you the long-term results needed for optimal results. We provide more than basic excavation solutions. Our team is prepared and ready to assist with everything from soil testing to demolition, site clearing, and commercial excavation in Wayne.

Excavation Services in Wayne, NJ

What are your options for commercial excavation in Wayne? As you are considering the various contractors in the area, it’s essential that you evaluate the reputation and history of the company you want to hire. At Mikula Contracting, we boast more than 70 years of history as general contractors here in Wayne, NJ. Our team understands soil conditions and unique elements that need to be included in your excavation plans.

In addition to commercial excavation, we also have the crew and equipment to assist with residential projects. No job is too big or too small for our services! Whether you need a site prepped for construction, or you are looking for help before landscaping is done, we can complete the work necessary to provide you with excellent results for the future.

When you choose us for excavation work, you can expect that we will dedicate the time necessary to provide quality services for your project. Our approach includes the most important elements that impact the overall outcome of commercial excavation in Wayne:

  • Project Planning Support: Laying out a detailed plan ensures that nothing falls through the cracks. We look at the quality of soil, recommend specific soil testing (depending on the history of the land), and map out the work that might be needed to prepare your site for construction. During the planning phases, our team prioritizes your preferences and needs, ensuring solid communication through all stages. Since we are thorough in the preparation stages, you can have confidence in knowing that you will receive great results when we are done with the project.
  • Equipment Selection: Hiring a contractor that brings rented equipment means that the excavation team has limited control over the maintenance and quality of this equipment. At Mikula Contracting, we own all of the equipment needed for commercial excavation in Wayne. Our fleet includes items for large-scale excavations such as commercial projects, as well as smaller tools for tight spaces. We’ll choose the equipment that is the perfect fit for your job sites such as backhoes, steam shovels, tractors, bulldozers, front-end loaders, and more.
  • Excavation Services: Now that the planning is finished and the equipment is ready, it’s time to move forward with the excavation. We can provide more than dirt grading and leveling. Part of your service plan might include other options, such as soil preparation and demolition. We always ensure that the site is clear and ready to move forward with the next stages of construction. 

Choosing Mikula Contracting means that you can expect that quality is always the highest priority on every project. We work hard to hold to your timeline, giving you the personalized attention to improve the overall outcome of commercial excavation in Wayne.

Wayne Overview

Wayne is located in Northern New Jersey. This beautiful township is home to families and businesses alike, offering the perfect balance of urban access and suburban comfort. Families often choose this area because they want convenient commutes without living in the busiest parts of the city.

Whether you are working on a residential project, or you need help with commercial excavation in Wayne, we are here to help. Reach out at your convenience so we can schedule a time to meet at the site to discuss your needs. You’ll find that our full-service approach gives you peace of mind in knowing that you always receive quality services from our team.

While we offer excavation services in Wayne, NJ, these services are also provided in many of the surrounding areas:

Other Services We Offer

What is the full scope of services needed for your construction project? When you are talking to us about commercial excavation in Wayne, we are happy to discuss other ways our team can assist with the services that are needed. We provide more than excavation contracting. Here are some of the other ways we can prepare your construction site:

  • Full Excavation
  • Clearing Land
  • Drainage Solutions
  • Swimming Pool Removal
  • Securing Foundations
  • Residential Tank Removal
  • Demolition
  • Soil Remediation
  • Damaged Pipes
  • Snow Removal
  • Environmental
  • Soil Testing
  • Controlling Erosion
  • Digging Water Lines
  • Soil Materials
  • Removing Trees and Shrubs
  • Trucking

With more than 70 years of history in this area, our team provides the experience you need. Choosing us for commercial excavation means that you have access to a crew that is licensed, certified, insured, and knowledgeable about all of these services.

Get a Quote Today!

There’s no reason to wait to learn more about commercial excavation in Wayne. If you are looking at options to get started on your project, then it’s a great time to call us at Mikula Contracting. We go above and beyond to provide full-service solutions for our customers, with the goal of building a long-term relationship so you always call our dependable team for future projects.

When you contact us for commercial excavation services, we start with a meeting on the site to discuss your needs. This consultation is designed to learn about the specific requirements of the project, evaluate the plans, and provide a detailed estimate for the work that we will be completing. Through all stages of construction, you can expect to receive the highest level of care from our experienced team. 

We are here to support your construction goals from beginning to end. You can learn more about commercial excavation in Wayne by contacting us at Mikula Contracting to discuss available services. We’re here to help with anything you need for commercial or residential excavation.