Excavation in Clifton, New Jersey

Is it time to hire a team to help with excavation services in Clifton, NJ? As you are exploring your options for services in the area, contact us at Mikula Contracting to learn more about available services. Our business is a family-owned company that has been serving the communities in Northern New Jersey for more than 70 years. We provide a complete range of expertise including both demolition and excavation services for both residential and commercial projects.

Not only has our team invested in top-notch excavation equipment, but we are always improving our systems and ensuring that we are offering a highly skilled team of industry professionals. You can feel confident knowing that our crew is trained on the best practices for providing quality results, while also maintaining safety on the job site. Your satisfaction is our highest priority, and we work hard to maintain the solid reputation we’ve built over the years.

Whether you need basic excavation or full demolition, we are the team to call. Reach out to Mikula Contracting when you are ready to schedule a consultation to talk about your upcoming project.

Excavation Services in Clifton

The current conditions of the job site and your future goals for construction will determine the level of excavation work that is required. Excavation is more than just moving the dirt around. We act as general contractors to oversee every detail that could affect the soil quality and foundation of your building.

This process starts by reviewing your construction plans, then taking preliminary steps such as soil testing and site preparation as needed. Planning is a critical aspect that affects the success of the project, which is why we are always careful in these stages before moving forward with the full excavation work that you need.

Our excavation services in Clifton, NJ fall into three categories to ensure a quality outcome on every project:

  • Plan and Prepare: In the initial phases of the conversation, we complete a thorough review of the construction plans as well as the site. The goal is to customize your excavation services to match the future construction you are preparing for. In these planning phases, we focus on the details that will have a long-term impact on the property such as the soil quality. For example, we can test for potential contamination and also determine if the soil mix is optimal for supporting future foundations and construction.
  • Heavy Excavation Equipment: The equipment needs for each project varies depending on the excavation services that are required. Our team at Mikula Contracting has invested in a fleet of high-quality excavation equipment including backhoes, tractors, bulldozers, steam shovels, and front-end loaders. We can bring large excavation equipment when major commercial work is required. Or, some of the smaller equipment is a better fit for tight spaces and residential excavation.
  • Full Excavation Support: Moving the dirt to the proper location on the job site is just the basic support you can access from excavation services in Clifton, NJ. At Mikula Contracting, we provide much more than basic excavation. Talk to us about other available options such as demolition and full site preparation.

Ultimately, the goal of our excavation services is to be sure that your land will be ready when it is time to move forward with construction. When land clearing is required, we maintain full communication about existing structures, trees, boulders, and shrubs. Depending on the services required, we can remove or leave certain features in place. Additionally, our team can assist with other services you might need such as digging sewer and water lines, transporting fill dirt, demolishing structures, and controlling erosion.

When you choose Mikula Contracting, you can always expect personalized services to match your needs.

Clifton Overview

Clifton, New Jersey is considered a suburb area of New York City. This area is located in Passaic County and has suburban neighborhoods and high population density areas. At Mikula Contracting, we provide excavation services in Clifton, NJ, as well as support for projects in all of the surrounding areas:

When you need excavation services in Northern New Jersey, call us to schedule a time to discuss the project. Not only do we offer a complimentary consultation for every customer, but we are glad to meet on-site to see the property.

These excavation services are available for both residential and commercial construction projects. Any job, big or small, is just right for our team.

Commercial and Residential Contracting

What services are required for your construction project? Our team at Mikula Contracting provides the perfect balance for optimal results: a skilled team, modern equipment, and customized service. We are focused on building ongoing relationships with every customer, which is why your satisfaction is always our highest priority.

Here is an overview of the available excavation services in Clifton, NJ, and the surrounding areas:

  • Excavation
  • Soil Testing
  • Swimming Pool Removal
  • Damaged Pipes
  • Demolition
  • Drainage Solutions
  • Soil Materials
  • Soil Remediation
  • Trucking
  • Securing Foundations
  • Snow Removal
  • Clearing Land
  • Environmental
  • Full Excavation
  • Residential Tank Removal
  • Securing Foundations

We maintain a proactive approach to staying ahead of the latest changes and trends in the industry. You can have confidence in knowing that Mikula Contracting is licensed, certified, and insured. We maintain the highest standards to offer both safety and quality on every job site.

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What services do you need for an upcoming construction project? If you are searching for a contractor who can help with excavation services in Clifton, NJ, then our team is here to assist. At Mikula Contracting, we offer everything you need, starting with the planning phases and finishing with site cleanup. We always customize available services based on your overall plans, as well as the history of the property.

When you are ready to learn more about demolition and excavation services in Clifton, NJ, then we invite you to reach out so we can schedule a consultation. You’ll find that our team at Mikula Contracting is committed to your satisfaction. We work hard to provide quality results for every excavation job. Call us today.